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Interview with Gilbert Achcar by

picAmandla!: What in your view are the factors that gave rise to the latest assault on Gaza and why did it happen at this time? Why has it taken such an exceptionally brutal form?

Gilbert Achcar: The real qualitative escalation in brutality goes along with the drift of Israeli society and polity to the far right. In the late '70s you had the Likud coming to power, and a few years after that you had the invasion of Lebanon that culminated with the...


The Platinum Strike, a

Platinum Strike interview

by Benjamin Fogel

A!: Could you give some background to the ongoing strike, and explain the factors that led to the continuing mass action?

M: The undermining by employers, by not coming to (fulfilling) their offer that the workers in 2012 died for. Impala, Anglo and Lonmin, the bosses of those three companies don't want to pay what they promised the workers who passed away in 2012. They undermine the deals they commi...


The EFF and South Africa's


It's becoming common knowledge, if not a public secret, that the ANC and the DA, though differing ideologically, at least at the level of rhetoric, are not practically far from each other in terms of their policy recommendations for the country's economic trajectory. And though they're always having a go at each other, there's a growing level of consensus on a few practical issues.

The two have also displayed authoritarian instincts. However...


20 Years of democracy:The State of


Free to do the heavy lifting: after 20 years of democracy South African women remain exploited, brutalized and devalued
. Has 20 years of democracy given black rural and urban poor women land, housing, health, jobs, freedom of sexual exploitation, safety and dignity? The Rita Edwards Collective (REC) was born in response to
the Marikana massacre of 44 people in August 2012.


Selections from NUMSA's scathing


Some choice bits from NUMSA's response to COSATU

The full text can be found here

13. We have boldly maintained that at the heart of the crisis in COSATU are two opposing forces: the forces of capitalism and the forces socialism. The capitalist forces within the Federation seek to make workers to understand and tolerate the continuation of white monopoly capitalist domination, by accepting elements of the neoliberal NDP. The socialist forces...


Why Western Media are getting

by Khalid Shaalan 


by Khalid Shaalan: This article orginally appeared Mada Masr

Western media coverage of the massive waves of protests in Egypt over the past two days is revealing of a number of problems that plague knowledge production about the Arab world.

As crowds across the country were just warming up for the historic protests, around midday on 30 June, reports from Cairo appearing on Western broadcast and online news outlets focused o...

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